Here’s where it all begins: If you’re sick of paying an exorbitant cable or satellite bill, and you have a strong sense that if you just limited your spending to a few streaming subscription services, you would be much more satisfied with your home entertainment experience. So let’s say that you already have a good TV, a speedy internet connection and a set-top box. (If you don’t, we’ll get to that later.) Who gets your money?

The answer to that will depend on what you’re specifically looking for from television. If your answer is “I want it all,” then honestly, you may be better off Choosing one of our Firestick Devices here at Firesticks Unlimited, because getting it “all” piecemeal will likely be prohibitively expensive.


What Do I Need to Cut the Cord?

Make sure you have a strong internet connection, a Fully Loaded Firestick and a decent screen on which to watch your shows.  


Let’s get some of bad news out of the way. If your goal in cord-cutting is to save money — but you’d prefer not to lose access to anything you’re currently watching via your cable or satellite subscription — then you should be aware that the money you save on one bill may be immediately redistributed to another.  Additionally, unless you want your “Game of Thrones” episodes to look blurry and choppy, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper internet package.

Different Internet Service Providers, known as I.S.P.s, have different tiers. The various streaming services make different recommendations — typically available on their individual sites — as to the minimum requirements that allow their content to look sharp and run smoothly on different devices. Averaging their recommendations out, you’ll probably want to make sure that you have a minimum 4 Mb/s (that’s megabyte per second) connection.

Firesticks Unlimited Firesticks ($75.00-$125.00): Amazon’s set-top box and its cheaper stick have the advantage of syncing well with any other Amazon devices you may have. You can ask your Alexa to find a show for you, and after you start watching it, you can pause it on your TV and pick it up later on your Fire tablet. As with the Roku, the Amazon Fire’s features have also been integrated into a smart TV. The most expensive version of the box adds an HD antenna for picking up free over-the-air local broadcast signals. 

Deciding If Cutting the Cord Is Right for You

It may sound obvious, but you really want to make sure that cord cutting is right for you before you take the plunge. If you change your mind, new contracts and activation fees are going to get expensive.

Before you decide to cut the cord, you'll need to figure out just how much your cable or satellite bill is. You can do this by checking your monthly statement. Since you're looking into cord cutting already, it's a good guess that it's already much higher than you would like it to be. Looking at the total of your bill will give you something to compare the other costs that you'll rack up after adding any of the options below. Of course, the goal is to make sure that you're actually saving money.

While you're checking your monthly bill take a few minutes and see if there's a smaller bundle that you may be happy with. Cable companies are starting to take cord cutting seriously and are beginning to offer slimmer bundles for a decent cost. You may just find one that you'll be happy with.

If you are going to be depending on some streaming services, you'll want to make sure that your internet speed can handle the streaming you'll be doing. You can run an internet speed test to find this out.

Watching Live TV Without Cable

If watching live TV is important to you, you have several options available with more popping up every day. You have the option of installing an antenna or Buying a Firesticks Unlimited Device that includes a live TV option. 

Cutting the Cord and Adding Streaming Services

Streaming services are very popular with cord cutters, and it's no surprise. Our Firesticks have tons of content including TV shows along with movies.

Before you subscribe to a streaming service, you may want to invest in a device, that will let you access the shows and movies. Here at Firesticks Unlimited, We have the device to suit your needs.

If you're really interested in streaming movies, first check out this list of the best Devices to stream free movies,  Live Tv,  XXX  and more

Cord-cutting is sweeping the nation and a growing number of people are ditching cable. That trend will likely continue in 2019, especially as key things happen that may have some wondering if now is the time to commit. In short, the answer is yes, and there are many reasons why cord-cutting is easier than ever in 2019. 

These days, getting rid of cable or satellite actually means just that, and the modern cord-cutter can have a television experience similar if not equal to the traditional TV customer. Movies are available to watch or can be purchased from places like Firesticks Unlimited, and live television has some viable and solid options which removes one of the last key advantages traditional television had over cord-cutting for so long. 

In addition to being saddled with contracts that often come with fees for early cancellation and late payments to bills, many households are still paying for streaming. After all, no one wants to miss out on the latest Netflix series the world is obsessed with.

It's not just new content folks should be excited for either, as streaming has become the premiere source for binging shows from the past. One doesn't find Highlander on television networks much these days, but the film, the series, and Highlander: The Raven are all available on Our Firesticks. That's just one of the many examples of classic television shows that can be binged in a way one may never find on television. 

And as mentioned, we're on the cusp of some really exciting streaming services set to arrive in 2019, and the FOMO should be real. Jumping into the unknown can be scary, but I personally haven't heard much complaining from any cord cutters as of late. Now certainly seems to be the time to jump, and at least enjoy the magic of it before the rest of the world jumps in and it becomes the new cable.

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