Morp TV

Morp TV

Morph TV is one of the best entertainment app for Android devices at this time. It brings to you the top-quality content in HD quality from around the globe. You can watch all of it absolutely free of cost. It has tons of movies, latest episodes, documentaries, and whatnot.

The best thing about this Morph TV app is, It has huge collection of Movies, Shows, and series episode and all are available in HD quality. What more interesting about this app IS Its got subtitles for each single video.

Morph tv is a freeware to stream movies and TV shows for free. It integrates with Trakt to track what you are watching automatically. Trakt is a plugin which runs in the background of the device when you are streaming videos with Morpheus tv. The main use of the app is letting you streaming and downloading of different kind of movies, TV shows, etc.

Morph TV is a latest released app to watch free online Movies and TV Shows. Morph is clone version of hugely popular Morpheus TV app with some tweaks. Since developers of Morpheus TV has put their hand down towards future updates, someone takes this responsibility and promise some great streaming experience with every new update.

Morph TV APK Download 2018

The announcement of Morph TV is probably the best news community received in the past few months especially after shut down of Terrarium TV and Morpheus TV. However, Morpheus TV still pulls some good amount of streaming link but we believe that will not work for long-term so hopefully, we can get our old streaming experience in the all-new Morph TV.

Currently, no any additional updates added in the new Morph TV except some require updates but we can surely expect it soon as developers are already working on it. All we can say is to install this app and continue your favorite streaming, with new updates all problem should be solved. As of now, you will get below features in the Morph TV.

  • Morph TV supports the Torrent sources. Enable it from settings and you will see a large number of torrent sources on the app.
  • Trakt is also included in the app if you want to manage your favorites and playlists.
  • A simple and Sleek user interface with easy to understand navigation.
  • Ad-Free streaming. Yes, as of now, there is not any ads in the app but you can see it in the future if the developer does not have enough money to maintain the server and other expenses.
  • Morph TV does not support by default external player but you can use external player by long pressing the link. However Internal player also looks fine and supports subtitles and other feature.
  • What Morph TV currently missing is Real debrid supports. Since developer knows that this is a big feature, we believe they will introduce it soon.
  • In a new feature, Links are color coded so you can easily choose which is the best link to watch.

How to Install Morph TV on Firestick and PC