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The KODI BUILD is the best I’ve seen , it is ALL the TV I could ever watch , movies , old sitcoms “M.A.S.H” all of seasons and episodes, all of The Walking Dead ... video on demand , Spotify, and loads of other music .... the customer support is awesome, just send a screenshot of what you want to do or watch , and Gauge will walk you through it .... might ditch my satellite provider, when I find and save all my favorite programs.... $120.00 a month versus a one time fee ... no brainer.... does not require super high internet speed, I have 7 MBS download speed , and multiple devices .... NO BUFFERING....."

Dave KoonsCertified professionally Retired....

I love our Fully Loaded Fire Stick. I can watch all the Episodes of Maury , The Walking Dead and all the Movies I like. No Worries about a high *** Cable bill here."

Patricia F.Sales Representative, Manager, Owner

This is a great build, all of the latest and greatest, if you have any questions they answer all questions quickly 5 stars"

Mike Faucheaux

Wow, Never Knew this existed and now that I received my firestick today, I will be cutting my cable as soon as my contract ends. Thanks Firesticks Unlimited. I love that I can watch anything I want for free."

Melinda Franks Head

Really love the 4k Firestick. Support is great and awesome to work with."

Joyce Ann Garrett

Lots of Addons and Builds... Love to watch my Wrestling programs."

Roman FloresPortacool

This product is everything it's advertising and more !!!"

Chris Walters