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Bee Tv

The latest released Android streaming app to watch free Movies and TV Shows. App has been in talks for the past several months due to great content and excellent features. It has gained massive popularity in a very short span of time and they also deserve this success especially after knowing all streaming apps related hassles. BeeTV is very consistent in terms of providing regular updates, and solving the user’s problems and that’s what one can expect from the app.

Like other similar streaming apps, BeeTV uses the module search tool concept where users search any Movies and TV Shows, the app finds searched content from around the web including third-party sites and all public domains and shows the best result from them. It is a very simple app and there is nothing rocket science behind the app but it is an awesome app with thousands of 4K Movies and tons of other streaming content.  

BeeTV has been introducing a new update at a regular time and brings lots of new settings and features for users. Basically, there are various features available on the app but here we will only discuss which are popular and can help you for a better streaming experience.

  • The layout and the navigation of the app are very attractive and easy. You will not have much hassle to find your favorite movies or tv shows on the app. You can also take the help of the Search option for faster results
  • Other than Movies and TV Shows, there is a third category called HD Releases where you will find the latest released content in HD and 4K quality.
  • Watchlist and Collection options are available to easily find and watch your favorite cinema. With the latest update, you can also backup or restore the watchlist. We recommend using auto backup before updating the feature so you can never lose your data in case of update failure.
  • Real Debrid integration will take you to towards world of 4K cinema. Yes, With RD setup you can explore various HD and 4K links for Movies and TV Shows you want to see.
  • Trakt TV is also available to integrate with BeeTV.
  • Now BeeTV allows you to use your favorite media player as an external player. We recommend using MX Player as it is a great player we used so far in all aspects.
  • BeeTv Now has Porn. Yes, they have extended viewing entertainment by adding adult content to their list of things to view.  Although, you will need a VPN to view all the adult content.  I would recommend using IPvanish, as it will not keep any logs of your viewing.
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