15 Apr

Most Reliable Network For You Firestick

The eero 6 lets you get the most reliable network out of your devices.  The erro 6 from amazon Will adapt to your existing network and bring you 1,500 sq. ft. of fast reliable coverage.

Easy Set up

Although Amazon says this device can be set up in 10 minutes, It only took us 5 minutes to set it up.  There is an app that will walk you through the complete setup so that you get the most from your wifi by streaming, gaming, and working from home or office. With the erro app, you can always monitor what is happening on your home network.

It even works with any Alexa device

Device Support

Amazon has free device support and tech is always there to help you with anything, at any time.

What is awesome about this device is that it will support running up to 75 devices at any given time. Now that is awesome since not many routers can claim that.

It has WiFi 6E which is the latest and best in technology.  The bandwidth is better than ever.  Eero 6 offers all your compatible device direct access to the new accessible 6 GHz band.  This allows you the fastest speeds at 900 Mbps.  That is super hast. Click the link to Get Your Today.

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