16 Apr

 Online Firestick Stores Reviewed

Yes, We have Searched and reviewed several Online Firestick Stores In order to help others to escape the trap of Online Scammers.

Don't Be Fooled

If you're searching for an authentic review of online Firestick stores, you have come to the right place. The Sites we mention may or may not be Legit. Do not be fooled by some of them, so read on to understand what you may or may be facing when about to purchase from some of these sellers.  It is never a good idea to buy from, or give sensitive information to any seller unless, of course, you are confident that it is legit. Please note that we are in no way implying that any of the sites we may mention in our reviews are not legit, yet is something that you should really consider before buying from any online store/website.

Comments are Important

A clever way of understanding weather or not a website is a scam is to look at its reviews.  Reviews for an online business that are located on the same website, can not always be considered trustworthy.  It is very likely the reviews or fabricated by the website developer or owner of the site.  The best option for looking at reviews is to look for off-site reviews from others, google can sometimes lead to off-site reviews to ascertain legitimate reviews. Legit reviews will come with 3 and 4-star ratings, why? because no online store will have a perfect rating. If you find a store that is all positive and holds no negative reviews, there is possibly a chance that the reviews are fabricated and the store is not run on honesty.  No matter how hard a store tries to work with its customers, there are always customers that are not satisfied for some reason or another. Examples: The package was late, They might not know how to operate their product and decide to give a bad review because they are frustrated when it is no fault of the seller.

These are the only sites that build mods

This will be a list of the top 5 sites we have looked into and carefully viewed from several sources. We hope this will lead you to consider the number one place to shop. 

NUMBER 5.  FireStickLand: Click to site, Let's Review:  The reviews for this site do seem to be fabricated by the developer/owner, they show to be all positive and do not show any indication of where they are added by those making the actual review.  Instead of having an actual content page where reviews can be added, they make this statement at the end of their reviews page: To submit reviews, please see our contact page, and we may feature you on this week's top reviews.  As you can see by going to the site's content page, FirestickLand does not show any dates of when the reviews were submitted. A real content page would automatically add the date of submitted reviews. They also do not have a contact page in order to contact them to submit a review. There is no Contact mail and no Contact Phone Number so that they can be reached. Also, take note that at the time of this writing FirestickLand is only a little over a month old and is new to the online scene of online sales, as it was only registered on march 1st of 2022. Please take note that the site uses PayPal as a payment gateway and is not guaranteed to last as Paypal will pull from the site as soon as their system sees that they are selling amazon named brand product. PayPal has a clause in the selling of amazon firesticks and will not honor selling them through their Payment Gateway.

NUMBER 4.  Jailbroken Studio: click to the site, let's look at the ratings: No Ratings, this site does not have any reviews/content page. The site was registered in 2020 and has never updated its copyright policies. There is no Contact Number and no live chat widget. They do have a contact by email.  We contacted/Emailed Jailbroken Studio and as of this date, we have not gotten a response to any of our questions.  They do have a Follow Us Links to several social media accounts, but none of the Follow Links are working.

NUMBER 3. The Firestick Store: Click to the Site, Let's Review: There is a reviews/content page with only One review since 2018.  The site was registered in 2018.  They do have a contact number and they do have a contact number.  We reached out to them via phone and email and they have not responded to any of our questions. We have tried to purchase from the site and their add to cart leads us nowhere. This leads us to believe that they may no longer be in business.

NUMBER 2. Firestick Unlimited Builds: Click to the site, Let's Review: There is no reviews/content page. They do have a contact Email and Chat Live widget. We contacted the site and did get a response. Easy to speak with and very helpful.  They will be adding a contact number and a reviews/content page in the near future.  We order a firestick and it came to us modded and worked perfectly.  They did reach out to us and we were informed that they will not be taking any orders until they change Payment Gateways. The site has a smooth simple setup and looks great. Once they get the Payment Gateway set like they want it, I would most definitely recommend them.

 NUMBER 1. Firesticks Unlimited: Click to the site, Let's Review: The reviews for this site. Excellent reviews, only one bad review that we found on google, and it was pretty easy to find because they are placed at the top of google and have a placement on google maps, yes, they have a real business also.  Firestick Unlimited really stands out on top with us.  They have the best website in our opinion. They have it all, a Chat Widget, a Contact Form, a Contact Number, and a Contact Email.  This is not a 1-3 page website, it is full-blown with lots of content, blogs, and help pages. It has a lot to offer its customers and its Builds and mods are something to remember.  We ordered one of their Firestick Mods (Firestick 4K Max Modded) These guys know what they are doing.  They even have a meet the team page so you can see exactly who is in on doing the work to have a customer's firestick sent to them as they want it.  This is no small online fly-by-night store.  It is a business doing what needs to be done.  I am pleased to recommend this site to anyone wanting a firestick.  Just google Firesticks Unlimited and watch it lead right to their site or Google Map Firesticks Unlimited and it will lead you right to their Store Business.  Want more info on Firesticks Unlimited?  You Can also check FACTS about Firesticks Unlimited Fact Check

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