16 Jun

The Best Fires Stick On The Market

Is it the One to Buy?

In our opinion, we really think so.  The new Amazon Fire TV 4K Max at $44.99 has proven to be the ultimate streaming device.

With it comes a 40% more power than the Fire TV Stick 4K at  This 40% power increase helps to have faster app startups and smooth navigation.

The Best Amazon Firestick On The Market (The new Fire Stick 4K Max) is by far the best Amazon has to offer. It is fast, smooth, and has a lot of other features to look forward to. We will look at a few of these features and then we will tell you where you may get the Firestick 4K Max with the best mods available.
Amazon's new Firestick 4K Max is a bit pricy but is the most powerful streaming stick yet. A step up from the $49.99 Fire Tv Stick 4k, the new Fire Tv Stick Max runs $54.99 and packs a faster processor, support for Wi-Fi 6, and nearly all the latest playback standards from 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision to HDR10+ plus Dolby Atmos for audio.
If you simply want the fastest way to stream Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube TV, and other streaming services, this Firestick 4K Max is (literally) hard to beat. The speed makes the 4K Max worth the price compared to the original Fire TV Stick 4K.

Is It Fast? Amazon Boasts the Quad-Core Processor speed upgrade to CPU 1.8GHz, GPU 750MHz as one of the big reasons why this streaming stick warrants the "Max" name. And in using the device over the past few weeks, I can confirm that it is, indeed, really fast.
Opening and switching between apps were smooth, the fastest I've ever encountered on a streaming stick. It may not always be instantaneous, particularly if you haven't opened an app in a week or so, but for the most part, everything from Netflix and Prime Video to Disney+, HBO Max, and YouTube TV opened quickly.
Although I do like the smoothness of app switching, I do not like the way Amazon has ongoing media in the background. This will eventually take up space from memory. Also, I am not fond of the memory they take up in storage. This is where Firesticks Unlimited can step in and make a world of difference with any firestick on the market

Check out eero 6

If your WiFi Router does not support WiFi 6 (most do) check out the eero 6 router.  This router will cover up to 1,500 sq. ft. with wifi and boast speeds up to 900 Mbps, now that is really fast and will do away with any buffering. Altough it is not required, It is by far the best way to run your Amazon Firesticks.

If that isnt enough, it sets up in minutes and supports up to 75 devices. Wow! that is more than any given person would have in their household.  For $75-$89 bucks, the amazon eero 6 is an awesome deal. More about the eero 6 Router.

Amazon Fire Tv Max (Best if Modded)

If you think the Firestick Max is awesome, then you are really going to love the Firestick Max modded version. It is modded with all the best addons so that you can view all the free movies, Tv Shows, Sports, Live Tv and more, absolutley free.

We (Firesticks Unlimited) are dedicated to bringing you the Best Streaming Devices Modded.

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