General Info Kodi

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Where is the Adult Content Located?

When you launch kodi, you will see several tabs, such as live sports, Videos, Kidszone, Programs, International Tv, Live Tv, Music, All Addons Etc. All the addons are under these tabs so its easy to use for the viewer. Adult content is under the All Add-on tab, so it's not easily accessible by children.  

Adding Movies and Shows To Favorites List

First you search for your favorite show within the add-on itself

OR go to ALL ADDONS tab, click on it to see all the installed addons, go to the one you want added to your favorites tab.

Once you have found the show or Addon. Using your remote, press the menu button and a screen will appear.

This screen will give you several options, including the option "add to favorites."

Now back out to Kodi's home page, scroll over to favorites tab, click on it, and you will see your favorite list.

Changing the Volume Inside Kodi

When Playing A Video video in kodi ,  you can press the pause button, a menu will show up on the screen. On the left side of the menu, there is a volume option, you can turn the volume up and down from there.

Subtitles Inside Kodi

Subtitles in Kodi are Trial and Error. While a video is playing in kodi, press the pause button to see a menu show up on the screen. To the right side of the menu, there is a subtitles option, again this will only work depending on the video you're watching. There are usually several options to choose from.

How To Remove Adult Addons and Ect.

These directions can be applied to any add-on that is giving you an error message and isn't working, or an add-on you don't need, or families that don't want adult addons.

You simply launch kodi, and go to the All Add-on tab

Then go to the add-on you no longer want, and click the button with 3 lines on it (the menu button)

Then click on information, and click on Uninstall.

Adding Your City To The Weather Tab

  • Go to the weather tab, click on it, then click the left button that brings up the options
  • click settings, it will give you options to add more locations, choose your city.

Trouble Shooting Kodi