Troubleshooting Kodi

Trouble Shoot Your Kodi With Firesticks Unlimited

From time to time you will see a message appear when you launch kodi. It will always make it seem as if you need to update Kodi, this is a common practice with Kodi when a new version of Kodi is released. Updating kodi is not necessary, newer versions usually are not significantly different but directions below walk you through updating kodi version itself.
Note: If your unit is year old or older, it's best to mail it back, to have it completely reprogrammed by us. Also, It is always best to wait to have Kodi updated, because many addons will take up to a few weeks to update and wont be compatible with the newer version of Kodi right away.
If your unit is running on a Kodi version older than 17, these update directions should not be used, because it will erase the setup. These update directions only apply to units running on some version of Kodi 17.6 During programming, our units are patched to protect it against any security flaws (such as those fixed by kodi version 17.3), so direction below are not necessary for protection but provided for people that want to update their unit anyway.

These directions are to update any version of Kodi 17 to kodi 17.4 ONLY. Do not update past Kodi 17.4, Kodi 18 is not a stable release

Note: Kodi 17.5 was recently released but some users are experiencing crashing issues, Do Not  Update to 17.5, until we have fully tested it and confirmed there are no bugs that need to be addressed. Once it is safe to update, we will say so here.

Go to Settings-Applications-Manage INSTALLED Application-Kodi (CLICK FORCE STOP)

Then click back and in the Manage Installed Applications list, you will see "APP STARTER" Click Launch.

Then click on "UPDATES", go to update option for KODI, and click "check for update", if youre running 17 and want to update to a later version of 17, thats ok, but if you update to 18 for example, it will erase all content inside Kodi.

Click on button that says Update to latest version of Kodi, wait for kodi to update, Click Install, Then click Open
From time to time the AEON NOX wallpaper we have installed updates itself, when it does, you will need to change your skin back, its very simple to do, and rarely happens.

Go to Systems-Interface- Skins- Change it from Confluence to AEON NOX

If for some reason you do not see AEON Nox as an option, click get more and then choose AEON NOXEven if you don't change the background to AEON NOX, the device should work the same, it will only have a different background.
You never want to click Clear Data, it will erase everything installed inside Kodi.

You don't want to click Clear Thumbnails inside the Raw maintenance App under the Programs tab.

If you're inside Ares Wizard Program, you don't want to install any wizard build, it will erase your current setup. You also don't want to choose the Fresh Start option, it will erase everything installed in kodi

This is a standard message, all it means is that the link you are using is no longer working, you have to try a different link when this comes up, or try a different Add-on if it comes up constantly on all the links you choose.
Some links require you to pair your unit in order for the link to work. Explained in our video guide page.
Simple fix

Connect your laptop or Cell phone to your Wifi

Go to the website listed, usually it will be or something along those lines

Click the video authorize button, follow directions on the screen

Scroll down to the bottom, and click pair (only some websites require this)
We rarely get asked this question, but from time to time, customer ask if they can change the display in kodi to fit their tv screen. You can and direction to do that are as follows.

Launch kodi, and scroll over and click on Systems Tabs OR click the power tab and choose Settings

Then you will see a menu, click System

Under Display there is an option called Video Calibration,
Click that and follow directions.